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About Jerry Montoya

Painting santos did not begin until later in life for me.I’ve always loved the Renaissance artists ( Michaelangelo and Raphael) with their glorious and very spiritual images. 

My love of art started at a young age when an elementary teacher introduced my classmates and I to fine art. Realizing that I had a  real interest he nurtured my young talent and I’v been creating art ever since.

After high school I attended New Mexico State University where I received my formal art training. While studing fine art I was exposed to commercial art and found that it could be very useful in making a living.

After college I settled down and begin to raise a family but soon I discovered that if I  wanted to continue to do my art that I would have to market myself. I begin to create southwest art and even had a showing in New York City where the reviews said that I had a very competant style. But soon I found that my heart wasn’t into painting portraits of native children and still lifes of indian pottery. 

I next begin painting large acrylic pieces with religious icons in a surealistic landscape setting. I was eventually invited to show my paintings in a Hispanic show where I came to the conclusion that I was hispanic and an artist but I wasn’t a hispanic artist,and that I had a rich culture and history which I was ignoring.

I have made many friends with artists that were involved with Traditional Spanish Colonial Art. With their mentoring and direction I learned to master the use of natural pigments and tinsmithing and all the cultural art that is my heritage.

With the knowledge of how to produce this beautiful devotional art my life has been enriched tremendously and has opened my world not only artisticly but spiritually.

I have been blessed by my family and friends and only hope that my art will inspire and touch people spiritually.
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